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Legend City Wrestling The GORE TOUR!

Legend City Wrestling (LCW) had yet another great tour: The GORE TOUR! 11'. Rhino, formerly Rhyno in WWE made his LCW debt at The Clarenville Events Centre in Clarenville as it states in the name of the stadium. Clarenville has a nice new stadium; the LCW show took place in the theatre arts room not the actual stadium which was good for LCW because it was almost filled unlike if they were to have it in the stadium. I don't happen to remember the full match card but I will call it as I remember.

If, I recall correctly Kowboy Mike Huges opened the show he came out and then said: "Cut the music stupid.” Then some one it the crowd yelled "I know, I'm not as dumb as you look." Kowboy then continued "First of all what I would like is for each of every one of you futility inbreed morons to shut up and pay attention." "Since the last time I was in this futility dump, I was just the LCW Heavyweight champion and since then I won every Canadian title there is in this country and they unified them as the Canadian Heavyweight title." "That's this belt right here." "That's twenty (20) pounds of gold and leather." "So, that's mean I am absolutely the very best this country has to offer.” “That's means when I go to Puerto Rico, I represent this county and everyone in it.” “That's means when I go to Japan, I represent this country and everything in it and I'm going to talk to the premier and see If I can get Newfoundland token out of the country because I don't want to represent you fat, lazy hillbillies anymore." Kowboy then takes a break then counties. "So, what I'm going to do, I'm going to beat the crap out of the next punk that gets in the ring that thinks and thinks he belongs in here with me and I'm getting out of here and going straight to the premier’s office and having a word about getting rid of Newfoundland from my country because I'm the champ that's what this belt means." First Kowboy refers to it as a title than a belt, according to superstars such as The Miz it’s a title because he earned it, and you can get replica belts at stores such as Wall Mart. Kowboy then turns left and says; "I have no idea what your saying, se you can't even speak English or French." "This Jibberish which your saying, I don’t want my country either." "Look at you that jean pool hair looks like a mud puddle.” “So, I don't want any of you people in my country, so ring the bell and announce the next guys name, get him out here, so I can beat him up and get out of here as soon as possible." The announcer then said “Ladies and gentlemen, his opponent weights in at 185 pounds and he come from us tonight from Mexico.” Ladies and Gentlemen make some noise for Loco!” Loco's entrance then plays, Kowboy gets of out the ring, he gets on the apron and said "That's right, shut up." Then little kids started yellowing at him things such as “No you, shut up.” Some one in the crowd, I believe it was a little kid called him a chicken. Kowboy responds with "I'm not chicken, you're the chicken. "I’m the champ.” The bell finally rings for the match to start. A little kid then had an argument with Kowboy he said something like "Wearing that" Kowboy responded with “Wearing what, pants?" Then Kowboy pointed at him and said "You're wearing pants." The little kid reposed with “You're shirt" "This is a wrestling singlet, not a shirt, you dummy." Kowboy then gets in the ring and said "Who’s the man? That's why I’m the champ and you people are losers." When Kowboy got put down on the mat he yelled something along the lines of “Holy that hurt.” A guy in the crowd replied “Man up, b’y.” When the referee counted to only two (2) Kowboy argues with the crowd saying it was a three (3) count. Kowboy then went on to get the three fall and won the match against Loco but this certainly wasn’t the last we seen of Kowboy.

Later on that night it was Mr. Fantastic vs."The Big Picture" Chris Cooke however Kowboy Mike Huges interrupted that match then Rhino came in to save Mr. Fantastic. Rhino said “Cooke, Huges, tonight, you two versus us right here in this ring.” Huges and Cooke tried to jump Mr. Fantastic and Rhino with Huges title and Cooke had a chair but it didn’t work as they hope it would. The announcer then said "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just be informed by the commissioner that if Mike Huges don't participate it this tag team match tonight he will be stripped of the Atlantic Canadian Heavyweight Championship.”  

A mid card match was Alexander Saint vs. Roy Toy. Roy Toy was the winner but Saint’s performance was outstanding, amazing. I really liked Saint’s drop kicks. Another mid card match was Peter Walley vs. Sexton Phoenix if I recall correctly.

Finally, the main event was a tag team match Mr. Fantastic and Rhino vs. Kowboy Mike Huges vs. "The Big Picture" Chris Cooke. When Huges and Cooke was outside the ring someone form the crowd yelled at them “You're a hillbilly” Huges replied with “We don't live in Newfoundland.” The fans chanting Rhino, this chant upset Kowboy, he kept telling them to shut up. Rhino and Mr. Fantastic pulled off a win over Huges and Cooke then Loco came out to celebrate with them. Rhino then said “Huges, after pinning you tonight makes me the number one (#1) contender for the championship.” The continued with “So, Sunday in Torbay, it's you and I for the heavyweight title.”

In Torbay at the Jack Byrne Arena it was in the actual stadium unlike in Clarenville. The stadium was half pull of fans. The matches were basically the same as the Clarenville show but they just had different wrestlers in the matches. Unfortunately, I don’t recall all the matches. The match I remember the most is the main event of course. Rhino vs. Kowboy Mike Huges for the Atlantic Canadian Heavyweight Championship. I’m pretty sure “The Big Picture” Chris Cooke came in and Kowboy Mike Huges hit Rhino in the head with his title and the referee didn’t see it. Kowboy got the three (3) count and retrained the title.  Mr. Fantastic then came to help Rhino. Rhino then said “Mr. Fantastic told me that I got hit with the belt, well got hit with something.” “But I promise you one thing; it doesn't matter where it is, in Newfoundland.” “Mike Huges, I will come after you and I will bring it right back home where it belongs, in this great city, in this great country with the respectable champion and that is the war machine, Rhino.”

This was yet another successful tour by Legend City Wrestling (LCW). The roster, despite it smallness in size, they still put on good shows. Although, some of the wrestlers performed more than once per night it didn’t really matter because they were just that good to be able to do that. Rhino performed well both in the ring and outside the ring. I’ve noticed how incredibly nice Rhino is outside the ring but inside the ring he still mannered to make you believe that he is mean and bad. Rhino closed this tour with saying that he is going to get revenge on Kowboy Mike Huge and he is also going to take his title. This leaves suspense for the fans, not knowing when he will make his grand return.

LCW: Alexander Saint vs. Roy ToyLCW: Mr. Fantastic and "The Big Picture" Chris CookeLCW: Mr. FantasticLCW: Mr. FantasticLCW: Mr. FantasticLCW: Mr. Fantastic and "The Big Picture" Chris Cooke
LCW: Champion Kowboy Mike HughesLCW: Kowboy Mike Hughes and LocoLCW: Kowboy Mike HughesLCW: Peter Walley

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