Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rest In Peace, Jack Layton

It’s very sad times, one of the best politicians in a long time and possibly all time is no longer with us. Hope and optimism have defined his political career. He'll never be forgotten for what he did for Canada and for his belief that we Canadians can have better lives. I didn’t always agree with some of the New Democratic Party (NDP) policy’s but I always liked Jack Layton. His leadership qualities were truly outstanding, hes truly a dynamic leader.

Jack has been battling prostate cancer and had recently fractured his hip, it’s unbelievable he fought all of that and still fought for families too. If that couldn’t stop Jack then what could? He then announced he had a new type of cancer which was sadly the beginning of the end. I truly believed Jack when he said; he’ll fight cancer now so he can fight for families later. He said and vowed he’ll be back when Parliament resumed on September 19th.  Unfortunately his treatment has not worked out as he and we hoped.

I’ve always liked Jack because of his personality; he was a fighter, he fought for what he believed in which I loved. I believe he always had a soft spot in his heart for Newfoundland and Labrador, he always treated us fairly. Jack’s calling was clearly politics, he is naturally good at it and unlike the likes of Stephen Harper, his speeches weren’t all scripted. He could answer a question without having to memorize an answer. His leadership qualities always amazed me and they always will, he was meant to lead us.

He spent years building up the New Democratic Party (NDP) based on his beliefs that we can have better health care, equality, justice, and opportunity. After all his years of hard worked and determination paid off he built them up so very high, he finally managed to gain the Official Opposition. It was only a matter of time before he would of become Prime Mister like he said he would be in his high school year book. He got as close as he could get to that dream. If the New Democratic Party (NDP) kept going in the direction they were going, they would have gotten ever stronger and would have gained more supporters though out Canada. By the time next election rolled around they would have had a big chance to finally beat the Conservative government and Jack would have earned the title Prime Minster.   

They can try as hard as they want but they will never find someone as good as Jack to replace him. Jack is one of a kind. What he had though us, will live on forever. “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CWI East Coast Invasion Tour

CWI (Championship Wrestling International) East Coast Invasion Tour at The Glacier Arena, 45 Olympic Drive, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada was a great show despite Hulk Hogan and “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash not being there. It was the biggest wrestling event to happen in Newfoundland in along time and possibly the biggest event of all time. This event featured new talent as well as old talent such as; Robbie MacAllister, The Faltliners, Bolen, "Wildman" Gary Williams, The Nasty Boys, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, Bushwhacker Luke, The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Tatanka and Scott Steiner.
The opening match, whom they also referred to as the bonus match was local wrestlers. Storm Front beats "Newfoundland's" Vince Austin & Psycho Mitch.

Robbie and a bunch are wrestlers come out and Robbie said it was great to be back in Newfoundland but then said absolutely not at that point I knew they were the heel. Robbie then introduced himself to us, especially those of us, who don't know him. He then called me self that crazy big bearded man that you guys all know from an all other product on television." Robbie then informed us tonight is the death of Robbie MacAllister and tonight we will bow down to him and call me the gritty and seeing how Robbie MacAllister is dead and gone he also cut the wheat of that fat bald tubby partner of his Rory. He then introduced us about the things that are buzzing in CWI wrestler. He gone out and found the best group of pro wrestlers this business has to offer. He went through Canada; and went though the United States. These gentlemen have the same motto as Robert and their motto is to take over CWI wrestling. Robert said Bolen is his toughest opponent and told us to consider this a Mutiny which later we found out this is the name of their group or what the New Age Outlaws called fashion. Speaking of the New Age Outlaws music played shortly after and they informed us they didn't come out here looking for trouble, as you can see he has his Tim Houston’s double double in his hands and then asked them if those guys got a little fashion. Robbie informed him that’s correct then New Age Outlaws informed them they had a fashion a little back called DX. Then New Age Outlaws said there not interested little Mutiny, what there interested in is Mutiny’s CWI tag team titles. The tag tem champions The Flatliner’s told the New Age Outlaws that they don't get a shot at them, if they remember they beat them already for these tag team titles and then The Flatliner’s wished them good luck getting another shot. New Age Outlaws said you see, if any thing they cheated and then said now that he thinks about it he was probably drunk that right. Robert said he probably was.  New Age outlaws though that was Oh, real funny. Mutiny is a bunch of lads ready to do battle at any time and if you want at shot at these two guys tonight, why don't them and Robert have a six man tag and why don't the New Age Outlaws go to the back and find themselves a rag team partner because I know there little friend is suppose to be here but I haven't seen him yet. So, if New Age Outlaws don't find a friend to fight the Flatliner, they can have it. New Age Outlaws actually have a friend in the audience who can take our spot in the tag team match. Bad Ass" Billy Gunn gets a little boy and Robert said he’ll put is first down the little mans tout then said New Age Outlaws are only joking but tonight they’ll find that panther and they’ll kick New Age Outlaws asses. New Age Outlaws said they’ll tell them want, they’ll take a look around St. John's and I'm sure they can bring up a friend for a six man tag, latter to evening. Robert said gentleman, you're on and if you're not down with that they got two words for ya. The audience replied with "Suck it". Robert then told them aright, cut the music and said lets get this show on the road it's time for Bolen to take his next victim, bring him on out.

Tatanka comes out and tell us he been well and asks us how we’re doing (Mount Pearl). I respect that he got the name of the location he’s in right, he knows where he’s to which is good. Some of the wrestlers said St. John’s instead. Tatanks asks Mutiny if they think Tatanka is a fuel. He had seen what they did to other guys. Then asked why “Wildman” Gary Williams can’t face him one on one like a true warrior. Then Tatanka tells Mr. Referee, Mutiny is not aloud to be out here during his match so Mount pearl had a song to sign for Mutiny as they leave the building. It went something like this “Sha, na, na, na, na, hey, hey, good bye." Tatanka wins the match then after the match, he talks about the top of the cord in the main event is “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, the current CWI Heavyweight Champion. Well, when Tatanka started this business in 1990, holding the longest win streak in professional wrestling, two years undefeated. He’s also currently undefeated in CWI. As, you can see CWI invaded Canada. So, “Big Poppa Pump”, I understand “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, was not there. When Tatanka made us aware of Nash’s absence, the crowd started to boo. He told “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, theres a vacant spot in the main event for the title. Tatanka issued an open to Scott Steiner with him in the main event. Then, Tatanka asked Scot Striner why he doesn’t come out confirm and face the Native America Warrior for the title tonight in Mount Pearl. Scott music plays. The announcer informed “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, Tanaka has called him out. Then the announcer informed us he just got word from the back, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is in the building but he never came out then because frankly he didn’t want to. However he has accepted Tanka's challenge to face him in the main event. Then we had an intermission.

Next up was a tag team match, The Nasty Boys: Brian Knobs and Jerry Sags vs. Bushwhacker Luke and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. Knobs started this with a promo telling us to get off our fat asses, stand up and do some cheering because they deceive it. Knobs then informed us that they are wrestling in this dump. Then Bushwhacker tell us if we want them to give The Nasty Boys a good ass kicking give them a hell yeah, the audience certainly replied with “Hell, yeah.” Then one of the Nasty Boys throws a chair in the ring. The Nasty Boys cheated to win, that explains why one little kid decided to yell “They cheated” repeatedly. How they won was, outside the ring when the referee was distracted, Jerry Sags hit Luke with a chair and put him straight throw a table. Then Knobs got the win over Beefcake in the ring. Before the losing team left, they were mad and I believe they said “I believe The Nasty Boys are paid off the rock.”

Now then, Ladies and gentlemen’s, children of all ages, The CWI proudly brought to you, the WWF seven time tag team champions of the world! “The Road Dogg" Jesse James and "The Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws. Billy runs up and down the stairs to try and find a tag team partner; he said that made him real tired. He was then handed the microphone and him and Road Dog posed and he said If you smell but Road Dog cut him off there and then they tried it again and he said and that’s the bottom line because Stone and that’s where Road Dogg cut him off, he tried to do it yet gain but this time he was laughing too loud. Road Dogg told Bad Ass he should have got oxygen in the elevator while he was up there. The response from the fans for this comedy promo was amazing with laugher. Finally, Bad Ass said The New Age Oulaws, if you're not down with that I got two words for you and the fans the said “suck it”. Robert tries to get the microphone and Bad Ass told him to get away, but hole. The crowd responded with yelling “but hole”. Robert then said "Shut up, listen you two bums, you want to call me a but hole but I see something wrong here. I see only two of you and three of us so be prepared.” I can’t recall all of what Robert then said but it was something like "Really, that’s all you got?" "Can you guess who friend that out showed all of you? You and you its time to end all. Road Dog then replied with "You make a sad mistake son because we got and our tag team partner is X Pac! When D-Generation X (DX) music played and X-Pac came out the crowd’s response was again amazing. X-Pac then addressed the crowd. They then went on to win the match.

Finally, it’s the main event; Scott Steiner yells at the announcer "Get your Punk ass out of here.” I can’t recall exactly what he said when he insulted us and said something along the lines of “Tonight, here is Newfoundland; I'm going to give everyone a chance to be a real man.” "Only problem is when I see the fans, I see fat ugly bitches.' "You take a picture of me; I'll take the face off of you." Mutiny tried to attack the Native Tatanka, so Tatanka wins via Disqualification (DQ). The D-Generation X came in to help Tatanka and Mutiny ran off an the rest is history.  

This wrestling event got well received. For the meet and greet, all the wrestlers were so very nice. Although, most of the wrestler couldn’t go in the ring anymore the comedy was quite funny and enjoyable. We hope CWI will come back to our island of Newfoundland again. The Glacier Area was sold out, that’s certainly a good thing if we want them to return. This was quite possibly the biggest wrestling event in Newfoundland’s history. Again, thank you.  

CWI East Coast Invasion Tour - CrowdCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - CrowdCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - CrowdCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - Robbie MacAllister, The Faltliners, Bolen and "Wildman" Gary WilliamsCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - Robbie MacAllister, The Faltliners, Bolen and "Wildman" Gary WilliamsCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The Nasty Boys & Brutus The Barber Beefcake
CWI East Coast Invasion Tour - Bushwhacker Luke and Brutus BeefcakeCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and X-Pac vs. Robbie MacAllister and The Flatliners Asylum & BurnsCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and X-Pac vs. Robbie MacAllister and The Flatliners Asylum & BurnsCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and X-Pac vs. Robbie MacAllister and The Flatliners Asylum & BurnsCWI East Coast Invasion TourCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, X-Pac and Tatanka attacking Bolen
CWI East Coast Invasion Tour - Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and X-Pac vs. Robbie MacAllister and The Flatliners Asylum & BurnsCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and X-Pac vs. Robbie MacAllister and The Flatliners Asylum & BurnsCWI East Coast Invasion Tour - The New Age Outlaws: "Road Dogg" Jesse James &"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, X-Pac and Tatanka

Thursday, August 18, 2011

MusicFest 2011

            MusicFest 2011 Voiseys Brook Park, Portugal Cove-St. Philips, Indian Meal Line., Newfoundland, Canada was a good show. This event featured bands from on and off the rock but mostly on. Bands such as; The Stone Cartel, The Celtic Connection, The Rolling Kings, Point Blank, The Sleevens, Stixx and Stones, Another North, Redline, Terry Parsons & Fabian Gladney, Even Keel, 709, Tarahan, The Rick Lambe Band.. The Stone Cartel headlined this year.

It was sad when they sent out a message “Due to poor feild conditions and damage to the stage and equipment, we have to cancel MUSICFEST 2011. On site, there is a large amount of standing water all over the feild, and running power cables through the water would be very dangerous. As a result I have decided to cancel the event. Pre-Sale tickets, will be refunded at a time to be determined. I will be placing signage with refund details !! Sorry for the inconvience !” Then thankfully they sent out another message “OK FOLKS SHOW IS NOW GOING AHEAD, WE ARE WORKING VERY HARD TO PREPARE THE PARK, STAGE AND EQUIPMENT. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD !!!! IT WILL BE DELAYED BY 1hr>>>>>SHOW TIME 3pm !!!!” Followed by “THE SHOW IS BACK ON!!!!! SHOWTIME 3pm !!!! we are working very hard to get the site up and running.......spread the word!!” This typed that it will only be delayed by one hour, it will start at three but it started at five and some how they still mannered to end it on time. I give them credit for this.

The Stone Cartel is an amazing rock band, this was the second time The Stone Cartel rocked the rock and hopefully with the response they got the last two years while they were here, they will come back for some more. This year they ever had an intro which was awesome and they had new and old songs and a new album, which by the way just recently came out. Their bass guitar player couldn’t play this show because he was injured which suck and I wish him a speedy recover. The guy they had filling in for him wasn’t that bad though. They were received well again this year.

This was yet another good MusicFest but unfortunately on there site they stated that this was the last installment of Musicfest which is sad because of how good it was the last two years. The promoter told us to remember to always support local talent and prompters. He once again thanked us for supporting the show.    

The Sleveens @ MusicFest 2011The Sleveens @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011
The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel - Carl @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel - George @ MusicFest 2011  The Stone Cartel - George @ MusicFest 2011  The Stone Cartel - Carl @ MusicFest 2011The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011
The Stone Cartel @ MusicFest 2011

MusicFest 2011, a set on Flickr.

The Salmon Festival 2011

The Salmon Festival 2011 in Grand Falls-Windsor was simply, amazing. It was one of the, if not best out door concerts, we ever had in Newfoundland and Labrador. The line up was Fefe Dobson, ELO The Orchestra, Down with Webster, Smashmouth and KISS (headliner). It was a nice day for this event.

The opening act was Fefe Dobson, she was both good looking and good. I'm not a fan of pop but she is one of the better pop artists and I must ratter have her there than most rappers because of the audience rappers tend to attract. Fefe could sing pretty decently and it was a decent opening act. The next act featured some former members from the band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) they renamed this band The Orchestra. They were good; it was nice hearing old music. Down with Webster was the act after The Orchestra, they were alright too. The only thing I didn’t like about Salmon Fest was their lack of food venues. The next band I was most impressed with (besides KISS of course) was Smash Mouth, they are a good rock band and are probably worth seeing at their own concert. I enjoined their Van Halen - You Really Got Me cover. Last but certainly not least was the headliner of this year Salmon Festival 2011, the hottest band it the world, KISS. I enjoyed their performance beginning to end. 

I loved when Gene said "Alright, Grand Falls-Windsor! You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best! The Hottest Band in the World! KISS!" I was waiting for Gene to say that for years. After the first song or songs Paul said “How you doin Newfinland?” “Man, oh, man Grand Falls-Windsor, all of the parts of this great island.” “I want to tell you something, I don’t like to curse but we don’t give an f*ck about the rain, we’re hair to party.” He said they were going to play old stuff, new stuff all kind of stuff. I liked towards the middle when Gene said “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, alright.” Before when was and is of my favorite songs God of Thunder. I like how deep Gene’s voice was when he said “I'm the lord of the wastelands, A modern day man of steel, I gather darkness to please me, And I command you to kneel, Before the God of thunder.” Paul said that we’re that rock capital, if he really meant that well that’s awesome. When it was over they played the soundtrack God Gave Rock and Roll to You, it was an amazing felling and I still couldn’t believe I saw the hottest band in the world, KISS.

This was the best out door event concert, I’ve ever been to and one of, if not the best outdoor concert event in the history of Newfoundland. We we’re lucky to have the hottest band in the world, KISS perform here. This was more than likely because of Gene’s Newfoundland connection, his girl friend for nearly three decades, the lovely Shannon Tweed. Finally, Shannon made her return home to Newfoundland. She did an episode of Republic of Doyle and if rumor has it right, they were taping Gene’s hit reality show: Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I’m thankful, I got to go see it and thankful that they came to a little island like Newfoundland. Grand Falls-Windsor popular is 15,000, there were over 25,000 people at the concert which is a all time record for The Salmon Festival and one of the, if not the most attended concerts in the history of the island of Newfoundland.  

Crowd @ Salmon Festival 2011Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011
Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011Fefe Dobson @ Salmon Festival 2011The Orchestra @ Salmon Festival 2011 Crowd @ Salmon Festival 2011Crowd @ Salmon Festival 2011Smash Mouth @ Salmon Festival 2011
Smash Mouth @ Salmon Festival 2011Smash Mouth @ Salmon Festival 2011100_2229Smash Mouth @ Salmon Festival 2011KISS @ Salmon Festival 2011KISS @ Salmon Festival 2011
KISS @ Salmon Festival 2011KISS @ Salmon Festival 2011KISS @ Salmon Festival 2011KISS @ Salmon Festival 2011

The Salmon Festival 2011, a set on Flickr.