Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

I Preordered WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011 and I got it today. :) There is a Unboxing video below. I hope on uploading gameplay videos, I did one so far. Right now while I am writing this my first gameplay video of WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2001: My First SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011 Match is uploading to YouTube. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena)
I think Wade Barrett will win and become the new WWE Champion because Randy orton is red hot over the top and don't need a champion belt to put him over he is al ready is over and John Cena got to take orders from Wade Barrett. So I think Wade Barrett is going to make him cheat and Wade Barrett got Nexus.
World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker (Buried Alive Match)
I think Kane is going to win and still be the World Heavyweight Champion and The Undertaker will be Buried Alive because Kane never came out on top on SmackDown and the Undertaker will get time off.
Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown (WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Elimination Match)
I think team raw is going to win because team SmackDown came out on top on both Raw and SmackDown last week and SmackDown won it last year so If Team Raw wins this year it will be 1 – 1.
United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler
I don’t know who is going to win this match nor do I care.
Self-professed "Co-Divas Champion" Layla vs. Natalya
I think Layla will win because Natalya came out on top on both Raw and SmackDown.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pivot Stickfigure Animator Test

Testing out Pivot Stickfigure Animator and testing the quality of Pivot Stickfigure Animator on YouTube.

Torbay Traffic

Torbay Traffic, Wednesday,October.20,2010 Around 5 P.M. It took about 20 Minutes to drive into the town of Torbay because of the Construction work, There putting in a new 5 lane high way, It was suppose to take only 3 months but now it is 5 months and they are still not done.



Hey! It been along time scene I actually bloged. Lately I just send photos Via Flickr. But for now on I plan on actually blogging instead of doing that. I been busy lately.

Friday, October 8, 2010

AHL Hamilton Bulldogs Vs Binghamton Senators

AHL: Hamilton Bulldogs Vs. Binghamton Senators Sunday October.3,2010 @ Mile One Centre, St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada.