Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogger vs. WordPress

Goolge Blogger ( vs. Wordpress ( I've been blogging on this blog and my other blog which is on WordPress since 2009. I mostly only posted photos and videos but technically that's still blogging. I had posted the same posts to each blog, when I look back at this it was ratter silly of me to do so. The reason behind this being, I couldn't decide what blog to use. If you're expecting a full in dept comparison between the two blogging services, you found the wrong article. I'm just stating my opinion on both blogging services.

What I like about Blogger is they don't charge you for any additional upgrades, templates and so on. You can customize the templates to your liking. You can have a mobile version of every template, all you have to do is go into setting and click "Show mobile template on mobile devices" and it's that easy. Blogger lets you use its old templates as well as the old templates which I find awesome because I like the old (original) templates better because that's what I had when I first started using Blogger. On my blog right now I have a old template because it looks good on almost all monitors/displays, it adopts its size/ It's easy to change the Favicon/website icon of your blog. You can add many useful gadgets to your blog, first and third party. I have a third party tracker on right now and over the last year or so it informed me that I have had people visited from over twenty difference countries. Blogger claimed and have a proven record not to show ads on blogger blogs. You can monetize you blogs and have ads shown via Google AdSense. I had ads on my blog for sometime, I only made a small amount of money in the last little while. I recently removed them but if my blog ever become popular it would be easy to put ads back on it again as it was the first time. Blogger lets you submit your posts by email. In the future, I may want an domain name. Blogger would allow me to get a domain name easily via Google apps for a more than reasonable price. On the Blogger Dashboard they have a "Reading List" which is a nice feature. Once you get into sometime such as Design, it opens in tabs on the top which includes; Postings, Comments, Setting, Design, Monetize and Stats. Under the posting tab it lets you create new or edit. The tab just for comments is nice. Once you click one the Settings tab it is then broken down in semi-tabs for option which makes it pretty simple and basic. The Design tab is nice because it allows you to arrange widgets. The Stats tab gives you an overview of well your stats. It lets you easily embed YouTube videos and playlists. Blogger lets you indent. Last but not least the auto save is awesome if it wasn't for that you wouldn't be reading this post right now.

I dislike very few things about Blogger however there are a few things that I don't like. I don't like how there's no contact forms; I had to add a third-party contact form. Also, I don't like how there are only a few templates to choice form and most of them are simple. I don't like how the template editor can't be used with old templates; I guess they want you to use their new templates. I can see their point but more importantly I can see mine. Blogger is from Google, Google is pulling to try and break into social networking so they may change Blogger. Blogger had a simple post editor; features such as word count aren't even included.

I like several things about WordPress. One of the things I like most about WordPress is there over overwhelming amount of themes. You can get simple to advance themes. The one I got now, I think is in the middle of simple and advance. It's called Notepad, similar to the Notepad application on iPhone/iPod touch. WordPress has an application on several devices including in the Apple App store, I used it in the past it's awesome. WordPress has a contact form which is nice. WorpPress also has an amazing Dashboard. Which boxes include; Right Now which shows content discussion, Recent Comments, Incoming Links, Your Stuff, What's Hot, QuickPress which lets you create a new post, Recent Drafts and Status. It also has a sidebar which includes links to things such as; Appearance, Users, Tools and settings. It has a nice top bar also. It looks great on almost all monitors because it's the whole screen. It has a decent post editor. The word count to me is what really sets it off.

I dislike a lot about WordPress, I don't even know where to start. I really dislike how WordPress might show ads on your blog. Another thing I dislike which isn't a big deal for me right now is it's against the terms of service to monetize (display ads) on your blog. The Dashboard homepage is somewhat hard to use. I can't find a theme that will display full size on my full screen monitor, in other words I can't find a theme that will adopt its size to most monitors/displays. WordPress doesn't allow scripts, for example a visitor tracker. WordPress gives you very little control over templates and they don't let you edit them. WordPress doesn't allow you to have third party widgets. WordPress doesn't let you indent in its post editor. Doesn't let you embed YouTube playlists.

Both blogging services are good. They both bring something different to the table so I like to appreciate both but at the end of the day when it comes down to it, I need to use one instead of two and stop posting on both as that is ratter silly. I'm going to feature this post on both of my blogs until I make my final decision on which blog service I'm going to stick with and which one, I'm going to dump. I like and dislike many things about each service; Blogger and WordPress. I'm going to choice based on which I like and dislike the most. Feel free to leave comments below if you can hope me choice between the two or if you have a suggestion.


  1. I'd say stick with Blogger, but that's just my opinion.

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