Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Rush

Now that I have made my final decision to continue blogging on Blogger, I'll post a good bye final post on WordPress. I got a lot of stuff to blog about. I'm going to blog about events I went to such as; Salmon Festival, MusicFest, LCW and so on. I'm also going to blog about some technology unboxings I did. Basically, I'm going to blog about all my recent YouTube videos and get my blog up to date. I also have some other good blog ideas in mind; I have a couple of ones about politics in the works. I also have some blog surprises in the works along with the politics ones. Along with updating my blog, I’m also going to be updating my Flickr. Stay tuned in the coming days as there is going to be a lot of posts within the same time. Once I get my blog up to date, I’ll try my best to keep my blog along with all my online content updated as things such as events happens and when ever I upload YouTube videos, I'll be sure to have a blog post follow up. I’m looking forward to the coming days.

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